Download the white paper: 4 Great Reasons to Integrate Language Learning Into Your Corporate Culture.


Why should American companies start integrating language learning into its corporate culture?

English is considered the global language of business, which makes many American companies hesitate to invest in language training as part of their professional development offerings. However, did you know:

American companies lose over $2 billion every year due to language or cultural misunderstandings. (*)  

In order to get a chunk of that $2 billion back into your bottom line, investing in corporate language training is more important than ever.

Empower your employees to feel confident in encountering the languages of some of your top business partners and prospects.

Why is it worth it? Just a few returns on the investment include: 

  • Bolstering leadership skills at any level.
  • Adapting to the global market.
  • Building lasting relationships in any country.
  • Motivating the employees and helping them progress professionally.

(*) New American Economy - Report: Not Lost in Translation - March 2017 - Page 4 - click here.

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