Building confidence in communication for a successful assignment.

Develop assignees and their loved ones with the language and culture skills they need for a prosperous stay.

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Personalized, one-on-one online instruction for your assignees
Mango Live is a virtual, language-training solution that provides both one-on-one and group instruction. Led by language experts from around the globe, Mango Live works with assignees and their organizations to support unique schedules and customized learning goals.
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Ten signs your employees are experiencing culture shock.

Global mobility managers: did you know that providing language learning resources is one of the best ways to prevent culture shock for employees on assignment abroad?

Make sure you know the signs of culture shock to help assignees deal with the stress of their assignment.

Download the checklist for ten culture shock signs to look out for.

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Learn through
conversations & film.

Mango teaches your employees to think critically in new languages and retain what they’ve learned. When it comes to the language-learning content your employees will encounter, we keep it real. They'll learn from conversations between native speakers and culture-packed films they might see in theaters in the country where their new language is spoken.

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