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What is Mango Live?

Mango Live is an integrated, mobile, and flexible solution taught by language experts who are also professionals on Mango’s proven methodology. Now users can transition between online and instructor-led learning options to achieve ultimate learning goals that fit individual, unique schedules.

Learn on-the-go
with our acclaimed
self-paced software.
courses are available
via virtual classrooms.
Smooth transition
between software and
teacher-led learning.
Only the best
courses taught by certified
experts in our methodology.
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For any business needs, call 1 (248)254-7450 x854 to speak to Brian, our friendly Mango representative.

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When two friends are asked to relocate to Germany, craziness and confusion ensue in this 6-part series. We follow Brian and Todd through their German-learning journey and find out it's not 1993, not all tutors are equal, and throwing a "partai" can be difficult.

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