Business success, near and far.

 Mango Languages’ language-training software gets down to business. With free mobile apps, learning through film, and fully customizable content, Mango is the secret to language-learning success for businesses, employees, and their families around the world.

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Make business connections in over 70 languages. 

From Spanish to Swahili, English to Icelandic, and Mandarin to Hindi, keep your business connected. Provide your employees access to over 70 language courses with free mobile apps and hands-free learning features that allow them to learn whenever, wherever their busy day takes them.

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Personalized, flexible one-on-one online instruction for your organization.

Mango Live is a virtual, language-training solution that provides both one-on-one and group instruction. Led by language experts from around the globe, Mango Live works with employees and their organizations to support unique schedules and customized learning goals.

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Skills-focused English courses.

Offering English courses is critical in ensuring the English language learners in your office have a resource they can count on to help them make connections and excel in their role. Mango’s robust English course offerings offer a complete learning experience that is easy to follow and fully narrated in a learner’s native language. With a focus on relevant conversation skills and critical thinking, let us show you the unique differences in the way we teach English.

Dedicated account representative and customer support.

If our customer support team could exceed their 100% satisfaction rate, they would.

Hit the ground learning with Mango’s headache-free integration experience. Begin working with your dedicated account representative immediately to help manage the process, from setup to launch and beyond. Concerned about usage? Need a little nudge on the tech side to get started? We’re listening. Sit back and relax as Mango’s customer support team handles all of your employees’ technical and language-learning questions. 


Be everywhere your employees are with Mango’s highly-rated desktop and mobile apps.

Learning a new language is much more manageable when you can practice on-the-go. More than ever, your employees are turning to the convenience of mobile apps to stay on top of it all. Staying on top of new vocabulary and tricky grammar rules is no different. Our goal is to ensure that your employees can rely on a resource with functions and features that remain top-of-mind and ahead of the trends.

With hands-free features and packed with helpful learning tools, Mango’s mobile app rank us one of the highest-rated education apps out there. In 2015, Mango’s mobile app reigned supreme in usage over its desktop counterpart, showing a clear preference for a remote, anytime-anywhere learning experience. 

Empower your employees with language and cultural knowledge.

Mango’s self-paced courses focus on the four key components of language learning: vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and culture. Our unique pedagogy builds user confidence to engage in conversation after just one lesson. We guide learners every step of the way, giving a novice the tools they need to rapidly climb the language-learning ladder. With Mango, your employees and their families will gain the know-how they need to succeed, whether it’s striking a business deal or striking up conversation in a new setting.


Supporting successful family global relocation.

Research indicates a family's inability to adapt to a new location is one of the top three reasons assignments fail. This white paper will discuss how your company and its relocating families can work together to achieve a successful reassignment.

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10 signs your employee is experiencing culture shock.

Helping employees deal with culture shock is an essential part of every global mobility manager's job, but it can be difficult to recognize. 

Download this checklist and you'll be able to:

  • Identify common signs of culture shock.
  • Learn outside-the-box ways to help employees adjust to a new culture.
  • Communicate with assignees about the adjustment process.
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Relocation red flags:
top reasons relocations fail. 

Even with strong support and preparation, nearly 30% of relocation assignments end in failure. In order to better serve their assignees, it's up to global mobility managers to understand why so many relocated families are struggling.

Download our white paper to learn:

  • What issues your assignees are struggling with most.
  • What you can do to better prepare them for living in a new country.
  • How you can provide the tools they'll need to make their assignment a success.
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