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Mango Languages can help! Get students creating, collaborating and speaking with confidence. The Mango staff teachers have crafted downloadable activities to help you get your students engaged and back on track.

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Great for in school and online learners

Mango Classroom - Travel Agency Brochure

Travel Agency Brochure

Transform your classroom into an intercontinental travel agency as your students learn how to navigate in their target language to create travel brochures. This activity pairs well with Mango’s Lifestyle & Travel lessons! 

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Activity type: Group
Blooms Tier: Creating
DoK Level: Level Four

Mango Classroom - Living Wax Museum

Living Wax Museum

Bring language to life and watch as your students take their language skills to the next level. This is an interactive project that challenges students to apply their knowledge using historical figures. The best part? We’ve got all the materials you’ll need! 

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Activity type: Project
Blooms Tier: Applying
DoK Level: Level Two

Mango Classroom - Target the Mango Tree

Target the Mango Tree

Your students will be having so much fun trying to get the highest score, they won’t even know they’re advancing their understanding and applying language skills. All you need is a dry-erase marker and a crumpled piece of paper! 

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Activity type: Group
Blooms Tier: Understanding
DoK Level: Level Two

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