2023 Mango Student Ambassador Program

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Become a Mango Student Ambassador! Our partnership with your school provides a unique opportunity to increase language and culture awareness campus-wide. 


What you get as a Student Ambassador:

  • Cash: Up to $200 per year, based on completed activities.
  • Gear: Official Mango swag and materials to attract followers and jumpstart your promotions.
  • Leadership experience: Looks great on resumes.
  • Relationships: Meet new people, plus earn recommendations and endorsements.
  • Language skills: Campus-wide language and culture hype.

This semester-long program builds networking, communication, and language skills that help students prepare for an increasingly competitive job market.


Fill out this form today to get started! Applications end September 11th, 2022



Ambassadors will:

  • Discover the value of other cultures and languages.
  • Encourage language and cultural curiosity among students.
  • Get creative leveraging campus events, preparing and providing presentations, distributing promotional materials, and working with multiple campus departments.
  • Documenting activities throughout the program with regular reports.
  • Earn Letters of Recommendation and LinkedIn endorsements for exemplary performance boosting campus activity and resource usage!  

Spread the word.

Download and print the flyer to promote this opportunity across campus!

Student Ambassador Flyer

Program requirements

To be successfully considered for the program, Ambassadors must meet the following requirements.

  • Current full-time or part-time college or university student.
  • Enrolled at a higher-ed institution in the contiguous U.S. and Canada with a current Mango Languages subscription for the duration of the program.
  • Passionate about sharing world languages and cultural experiences with others.

Sound like a good fit? Start your application today.

Applications end September 11th, 2022